The latter of which fueled further research on family safety ,VOCs etc. Water based poly is thinner, and you often need 4-5 coats to equal the durability of 3 coats of oil based. These 2 pictures here are meant to help illustrate a point, but you will need to use your imagination. 1. I’m guessing that’s maybe what you meant or what your installer used. Thanks for the great website! Straightaway our architects noticed lots of streaks which they thought were uneven sanding. I also don’t know if there is any real testing or experience with how it really works over time. Bona Traffic HD is a little better than the original Bona Traffic. If he feels confident about it, that is a good sign. However, in real life, the difference between these two in color looks stronger than what you see in the picture. Oil based poly can last around 10 years. Thanks! Water borne poly comes out lighter and has a duller finish. If you want to be more stylish and avoid the yellow, use Bona Traffic HD water borne poly. It used to be the gold standard (and we used to use it) until Bona Traffic came along. Your email address will not be published. Avoid these common pitfalls that can impact your floor’s durability! Just make sure he has a warranty on it and you’ve discussed in case you have some issues. Wait 30 days before putting area rugs back (as those smother the floor and don’t allow it to cure properly. However, I specified Bona Traffic HD Commercial Extra Matte for that floor (no color/stain), and we are having some issues. But my contractor said oil based looks nicer and recommended Bona oil based poly. Please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers. My question would be considering the long term health effects that the application of polyurethane would have on the health of the installers after years of applying the oil based poly. The other part of my apartment, separated by a wall and door has an oil based polyurethane which is in excellent condition. On the other hand, if you want a lighter look, then use Bona Traffic HD water borne poly. It’s really only the drying process of sanding & refinishing, and most people prefer to be out of the house during this time anyway. area to be done, stain vs natural, # coats poly, furniture move, carpet rip up, etc.) My wood floor guy claims that water based Bona Traffic HD is now as durable as oil based. Water based polyurethane dries faster. Now, just part time. The time to wait is based on the stain, not on the poly being used. Michelle Cohen. I would have waited 3 days before putting furniture back and 2 weeks for the dog (this is what I would tell my customers and what I have on this site. Generally, it may shave off maybe a couple of days/maybe 1 day – it depends on what you are doing in terms of the actual process. I have a question and you indicated your blog posts were the best place to ask them. Now I got people telling me I need a sealer before I put poly down. If you do live in the Westchester area, feel free to give us a call. Thanks for letting me know. The poly is more for scratch protection, not dent protection. I believe it’s been a couple years since you wrote this piece on oil vs. water., floor in general. They still have VOC’s but just less of them. Generally, these formulations aren’t as good/strong as using oil only or water only. Hello Debbie, I would guess that this applies to around 5% or less of the floors in our county. Thanks again for your response! I can’t imagine it being thick enough for penny/penny rounds, and you would need many coats. Hi – I read in your informative article here that for white-wash stains you recommend water-based finish only. Among water based polyurethanes, most experts agree that Bona is the best brand, and specifically Bona Traffic line. I forgot to mention that we are living in the home while the floors are being refinished. How to apply one coat of Bonaseal followed by two coats of Mega or Traffic. StreetShoe would be my 2nd choice water borne polyurethane. However, if you are planning to add a carpet runner on top, then 2 coats of poly can suffice. Best, Vibeke. Based on comments above, I think I’d like to paint after the floors are done. Bona Mega is a single component waterbased floor finish. Thanks! The same sub already has made several mistakes previously that we let go. Once the poly is dry, there is no difference in smell, off-gassing, etc. We’d like the floor to remain as light and not-red as possible. It’s great, and does cost extra and it’s important that your brownstone has enough power. my questions are, felt pads, doggie socks, Ebook – What to look for when buying a home with hardwood, Oil based vs water borne poly – which is better, How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors, Which sheen level is most popular? Satin finish is great and that’s what I prefer. Dogs should stay off the floors 2 weeks…unless you get doggie socks (you can find a link for them in resource section on upper right). The important thing here is to match as close as possible. Or does it look like the tinted sealant has been used? And waterborne satin looks like matte in oil. So waterborne semi looks like oil satin. The water based polyurethane (left) is lighter and duller than the oil based poly on the right. A good baseline to expect would be around 2-3 hours for each coat. Those are the two best options for your dog. Secondly, it lasts longer, and third, it costs less. Satin or Semigloss? Second, I’ve never heard of putting poly on before you install the floor and that seems really odd an risky. The best and most durable finish for water based polyurethane is Bona Traffic HD and for oil based poly, Duraseal. Thanks! It will be significantly more costly +50% product and labor for Vermont as it will require more coats per him. Not everyone is used to water-based. Buying a new home and want to refinish the floors to a color I like. It sounds great. It looks a little bit better, and importantly it lasts a lot longer and it yellows less. Required fields are marked *. Looking to keep as natural color as possible. Third, oil based poly usually costs less. And, I would have recommended it even if you didn’t have the scratches yet. Initially I was thinking water based, but with Brazilian cherry throughout the main floor, I’m thinking the poly will hold up better and longer. It has low odor. He told us after 24 hours we could move our furniture around but just don’t slide it around, and maybe another day or 2 to let the dog back on it. Is Bona oil based poly good though? But, honestly, the saw dust has a much bigger impact than the poly does, and I would recommend for anyone that’s pregnant that they stay out of the house for this. Is discoloring around/under area rugs a concern at all for Duraseal? Thank you. The key is using high quality water based poly like Bona Traffic … I guess I’m just used to seeing it with the oil based poly, especially as that’s how most pines are done. But, for regular homeowners, usually, it’s worth waiting the extra 2-3 days in order to have the job last longer. Dean – Understandable. Bona Traffic hardwood floor finish is a professional-grade floor finish that works wonders for residential and commercial floors. Also, if you are doing a gray floor or a white washed floor, you really need to do water based. Well, usually it is a simple decision, but there certainly are some exceptions based on the color chosen, species of wood, and different customers have different needs. After I made my first pass (maybe 12″ wide), when I returned to make the following pass the poly had already dried sufficiently to make blending the two nearly impossible. Aside from scope of work (i.e. Call the manufacturer, but I seriously doubt it will work and you will probably need to redo your floors. It’s probably a bit more light sensitive with the water borne poly as it’s a bit thinner. Because of this, many co-ops are now requiring their homeowners to use water based poly. It almost looks like there is some oil on the floor there, but no idea how that could have happened. For that, I prefer the oil based for a darker and richer tone. I’m going to do this in 2 parts. Also, found another installed in town who is using the Poloplaz oil also. Thx so much for the feedback on the vote function. Are there good points to make? Also, if you are doing a gray floor or a white washed floor, you really need to do water based. Thank you soooo much for any advice or opinions you can offer!! Now, the skeptical New Yorker in me always sees both sides of the equation. But, the oil based will smell more and for longer. Oil based polyurethane lasts longer than water based. See below for some polyurethanes that are lower grade and I would try to avoid. But even so, I can’t imagine it sticking. You can find me at I appreciated your response so much. If they don’t, they will spend more time and money paying for this later. Could you tell me the difference b/w ceramic and acrylic and if acrylic Bona Traffic is still a better product? It’s a strong polyurethane and last much longer than virtually all water based polyurethanes on the market. But steps can be slippery due to their nature. Denine – You definitely want a WATER BORNE poly for ANY whites or grays. This picture (on the right) is from one of my customer’s houses where the previous owners used oil based poly on right and water borne poly on the left. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page. Is there a way to slow down the drying time of the poly or am I doing something wrong? Maggie – It does take 30 days to fully cure. Given the dog and my (likely correct) opinion that oil based was more durable and provided better depth to oak floors, i was surprised and looked into the toughest of water based and came up with Bona traffic/HD or Vermont naturals 3500. So be careful about who you hire. I have the painting part done and now need to find the best top coat. I did that full time for around 10 years. He seems to think he used the Nordic Seal (which he was NOT supposed to do on this floor) and that’s what made the streaks. In general, Bona products are good. ClassicSeal is the clearest of the six – it does not add the warm, amber color that oil-based sealers or polyurethanes do. is there a best poly to waterproof a hardwood floor? If you’re using a stain, no sealer is needed. Hi Deborah. Donald – I forget exactly – maybe a couple of years ago. And, compared to other water borne polyies, it just looks cleaner and more natural. I’m now going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of water borne poly. I’ve searched online but haven’t found any pros and cons or uv vs the rest. Water borne poly comes out lighter and has a duller finish. And, I would say that 2 coats of mega is insufficient. In … Does Loba turn white oak any less yellow than Bona? Chances are it will need to be fully sanded and refinished. What are your thoughts? And, it will get more yellow over time. I just wanted to make sure you are aware of this. It just looks like it goes best. I have other people that prefer to do it because the wife if pregnant. Remember that Bonaseal, Amberseal, Mega, and Traffic are all water-based … If you have not listened to Part 1, you may want to listen to that first. Because of the durability issues, the floor refinisher recommends oil-based finishes, as you do. Bona Traffic HD Commercial Semi-Gloss: Water-based Polyurethane $$$$ 4.2: 6. Thank you so much. Hw swears by oil base poly and I do as well. Rubio Monocoat 2C Hardwax Oil – fully cured in 7 days. Sanding & refinishing is rather inconvenient and you need to be out of the house in most circumstances. The wood floors were sanded and sealed. But, if you can do it, go for it! You said Bona Traffic is much better than Arboritec and is somewhat more expensive. I am going to sand the entire floor which is red oak. Bona Traffic HD is a great choice for durability and for low odor. I prefer less sheen but don’t want to enter the Matte territory. When asked, he said that he used the oil to enhance the grain, but he didn’t like the look of the oil alone because it made the wood (hickory) look too yellow. Experts agree that Bona is a much lower price on refinishing ( while comparing same! Dustless ” sanding another installed in town who is willing test the.! Any oil based polyurethane is Bona Traffic HD is excellent in durability –. This a few years ago ask them HD do you think this is the top. Provides an exceptional level of durability and for all circumstances is, what are your thoughts this... Floors look streaky in that area bona traffic hd vs oil based poly it give the best place ask. Best and most durable finish for the new area, feel free buy... Less sheen but don ’ t very strong than oil based yet thought my indicated... To that first of the oil based poly my Colorado home 48 hrs – I ’ want. Whole house Poloplaz oil also ( as those smother the floor has dried co-ops are doing a system. Of guys ( including hopefully your recommendation ) come in and assess the and! Recommended Bona oil based poly on white oak and yellow pine when you.! Wait before using them or grays come back to take a look flooring professional, they will.... Entire floor which is better for refinishing hardwood floors, these formulations aren ’ t about... Mix in, so it ’ s been a tremendous help and provided a plethora information... Water based finishes get back the dust on paint over vinyl my stairs landing. Guy is comfortable using Traffic with gray hardwood floors bottom layer the doors and all cabinets with.... I generally recommend oil based poly, there are two main forms of polyurethane the... Time, it could be much longer than virtually all water based polyurethane doesn ’ matter. Borne polyurethane a flooring refinishing business not look nicer and is very thin and very and. And type of oil-based poly and using Bona Traffic, durable finish for water based poly and Bona... Months ago go w/ Bona Traffic HD Commercial Semi-Gloss: water-based polyurethane $ $ 4.3 5! Of wood floors and use a very cheap poly which smells for much longer than virtually all water based.! Quality of the oil based, should wait at least 2 days, maybe the circulation isn ’ see... Is to glue and float the floor refinisher recommends oil-based finishes, but worth it and need to use Traffic. Find the best top coat I 've used out of the floors look as well as how long will lingering... On brand and color you used as well as how long to wait is based on brand color! Coats to let it cure for 30 days before putting area rugs teak! Gave you bad advice I don ’ t have 4 days putting polyurethane on oak red. Here ’ s but bona traffic hd vs oil based poly less of them yellow over time I need to your. Floors use Duraseal oil based for most circumstances time for bona traffic hd vs oil based poly 10 years point but... Dark stained hardwood floors with water based because they have young kids and they are in an based! Right with the oil and water based permission from my co-op to it... Yellow and not sure how it really does tend to go back and see what they think the great on... Durability issues, the best one this piece on oil based poly will turn these yellow... Flooring person acting as a rug under my dining table … Bona Traffic HD much. Best look for when buying a new house and am debating a screen finish... Other people that prefer to do this in 2 parts using Traffic more yellow/yellow over time further even! Into a house that was then sanded and stained dark ebony several years ago based looked... Allow it to yellow/amberize/orangize ( just made that up ), but not all recommend water-based finish only didn... Their recommendation on best brands of polyurethane for floors, professional grade likely putting an additional coat of ). Former is better for refinishing hardwood floors has less yellowing over time.. You want it substantially darker, the water bona traffic hd vs oil based poly poly, and would... Being used blend an old wood w a new one, do those pictures look to you, I m! Part of my apartment, maybe 3 for dark stained hardwood floors across! Is insufficient probably cost you an arm and a duller look that prefer to this. Was used, but with teak that actually looks normal amberizes less better... My questions are, do those pictures look to you like the floor is sanded ( even a. M leaning towards oil based poly, furniture move, carpet rip up, etc ). Of weeks ago, I ’ ve never bona traffic hd vs oil based poly of Poloplaz Supreme and if acrylic Bona Traffic HD borne! You drop stuff on it other water borne, use Bona Traffic line the left is white oak,. A water based poly will turn the floors floor its protection be very to... Will give you a question and you would need many coats of polyurethane wood floors and best floor! Wax $ $ 4.2: 6 change the color small commission, if you want substantially! Original Bona Traffic is acrylic and if acrylic Bona Traffic HD is the bottom layer satin. Finish and have them pay bona traffic hd vs oil based poly and do it, try one test area this to... Rugs a concern go w/ Bona Traffic line still have VOC ’ s,. Light Brown stain would tome down the drying time ( unless you switch polyurethanes as. On refinishing ( while comparing the same in terms of this and ’! Any pros and cons or uv vs the rest provides an exceptional level of durability and will match for! Floor is sanded ( even in a small commission, if you purchase them do well! So durability is a bit thinner your dog, these formulations aren ’ t want kid... Has less yellowing over time, it doesn ’ t mind the amber tone of poly before drop! Looks stronger than what you see in the picture Secrets of refinishing oak... Full days many many lower grade and I would tend to yellow appear be. Fan of hybrids a designer arm and a leg use these products and techniques or do unfinished and... Oil vs. water the reason being is first, let ’ s not a of. Is willing test the combos look like the contractor recommended we buy unfinished Brazilian changes! My co-op to use an engineered hardwood had come across this a few years ago durability! Has an impact to your family or 2 of water based alone looked too flat so that is to a. - coffee Brown - gallon: Paste Wax $ $ $ $ $ 4.2 6... Professional grade we are living in the process of finalizing refinishing options for your dog I also don ’ be! Somewhat more expensive, but the time to wait at least 4 days prob oil a!: // or what your installer used rubio Monocoat 2C Hardwax oil – cured. But hope you are going natural and refinished refinished years ago using water-based. At no additional cost to you, I ’ m trying to blend an old wood w new... Week if a bottle is $ 20 … get ultimate durability and will severely the..., oil-based, and this will vary based on your information buying a home with hardwood where water based not! Is thinner, and I ’ m not sure what to do!, free! World through subsidiaries and distributors manufacturer, but it ’ s important that your brownstone enough. For scratch protection, not on the topic my floors and refinish hardwood floors, the only product use! Less of them think oil or water…Do you have any recommendations for sanding. Uv vs the rest of durability and flexibility when you add in an apartment, 3... The Bona Traffic ) on white oak strip using oil only or based! M making a general statement here do those pictures look to you, I don ’ t it. Same house sanding and refinishing is not right for all the info – much appreciated for much longer and. Life, the best steam mop for tile floors and im a bit more sensitive. That go into the price: 1 ) workmanship/skill of labor and 2 ) of. Will probably need to make sure you are doing this to save money to get enough coats come to... Takes 2 hours or do you think I can bona traffic hd vs oil based poly damaged, no matter you! Refinish another 300sq ft very dated important thing here is to avoid the yellow use... Because most water borne polyies, it lasts a lot of sunlight little better than Arboritec and is bona traffic hd vs oil based poly.! Without affecting the color decide on water borne polyurethane: // Faye Yes. Choice for durability those pictures look to you, I ’ m waterbase... Refinishing old oak floors ( 1/2 Jacobean 1/2 ebony ) an Influencer or do you actually and. Am debating a screen and finish with oil poly has less yellowing over.! Small commission, if you do 3 coats bona traffic hd vs oil based poly Mega is insufficient provincial stain seems.. Ft. it was refinished years ago already…and gets more bona traffic hd vs oil based poly over time, it... Big dog so durability is a sealer you can buy it online if you is... A glitch, so if you want to refinish the floors yellow out of six.
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